Calder Arts is an independent art shop in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The owner is a good friend of myself and my old design partner Damon Stead used to work there. Calder decided to open up a second space inside the historic Byram Arcade where they could host art demonstrations, events, and workshops.

I was asked to create a quick identity on a small budget that could be used universally across promotion materials, shop designs and products.The identity needed to reflect the wide variety of services Calder Arts offered and appeal to a large customer base of all ages and backgrounds.

The illustrations for the brand were designed in a way that they could be used as stand alone graphics as a pattern for posters, shop windows, or any other promotional campaigns.If you are a local to the area be sure to check out the shop and support your local art stop. The team their are amazingly friendly and knowledge able and the support you can get back from them is not something your going to get on amazon. Also be sure to check out their workshops, demonstrations and over events on their facebook page.