So I finally got around to updating my website and adding some new work. Over the last four months I’ve not had time to do this but I finally got around to sorting it out and adding all my new work. Also the main reason for this is because of a horrible incident that took place in San Diego. Turns out theres another Lucas Jubb (who’d of thought?!) and he was a school teacher who has been accused of pedopheli, which is horrible on many levels. This obviously effects me massively because when you type my name into the internet now, this is the top of the searches. So it was time for me to get back to work on making sure people know Lucas Jubb as a designer. Anyway There is a blog coming about that in more depth, how to tackle this and what steps I have had to take to fix it.

To anyone who keeps up to date with that I’m doing the new projects on here are for Birthdays, Adidas, Belgrave Music Hall, James Taylor Quartet, Oakies Food Kitchen, Four I Magazine and also new additions to the logo and typography sections of the site.
You may of also notices the moving images on the site. Good friend and a guy who I used to run live art events (will be running again soon) and make t-shirts with has decided he’s an animator now. Which is great, because it means we’re going to be working a lot together on moving image, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. The stuff you see on my site is just the tip of the iceberg so keep an eye out for that over the next 12 months. Oh and did I mention he’s a D&AD award winner! Awesome. I just finished putting a portfolio together for him so check it out at

Also I am moving to a new studio, Feral Studios in Elland. There will be pictures of that soon. It’s a beautiful new studio and feels good to move after three years of working in my current studio.

There is more work to come which I can’t put online yet but I will be updating the blog with some good posts a lot more frequently so subscribe or something like that? There will be bits of work that can’t make it onto the main page of the website and that will be going in the blog. Also I’m going to be launching a range of prints and products over the next month, so look out for that. Get me on twitter/instagram/facebook etc etc etc etc.

Hope you enjoy the new website.

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