This trailer influenced me to write this blog. Studio MDHR have developed a game to be launched this year, which is totally amazing. It looks like a 1930’s cartoon. This comes as part of Xbox Ones attempt to create a catalogue of unique and interesting games away from Call of Duty and Halo. Cuphead, the game above, will also be launched on the Sega Master System, with box, cartridge, and game manual. Fantastic.

It’s finally looking like the video games I used to love as a kid are making their way back into popular gaming culture. Growing up I used to love games, however I haven’t played a game for longer than 20 minutes since the PS2. I find them boring. I feel like a lot of game developers have concentrated on making things realistic as apposed to developing game play. For me, personally, you won’t make games better than Zelda : Ocarina of Time or Banjo Kazooie. However certain games on the PS2 did come close; Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank etc etc. Both of my housemates play modern games on the ps3 and xbox. (We aren’t cool enough to have a ps4 or xbox one) However as a by stander, for me, all the games look and play the same. Run around and shoot things. Shoot germans, shoot terrorists, shoot aliens, shoot zombies, shoot german zombies or shoot german zombie aliens in space. Even some of my favourite games have taken a bad turn for me, games such as Max Payne and Hitman have become more of a shoot em up than an intelligent and original stealth game.

I know that Nintendo have always pushed to keep their originality, despite financial struggles and good enough response form the public. However I feel like the new Wii-U console will change this. The Wii-U seems like an updated of the classic N64 console. Re-releasing their most popular games in the with new graphics but more importantly great new gameplay. Just Watch one of the trailers below, and if you ever played a nintendo games console, try and tell me you don’t fill up with child like excitement, that which you used to get when buying a new game.

It was fun platform games that influenced the designs I create today. I was never into hyper realistic war games. I liked cartoons, I liked computerised images, I like clean, simple, sharp, vector style images. I could see things that were real outside, with games I want something that is totally fantasy, it’s a game its supposed to be fun for me. I feel like a lot of the ‘fun’ has been taken out of gaming over the last 5 years, and with internet gaming, it’s all become very serious. However recently developments have given me faith that the fun might come back into gaming. Just take a look at the video below.


Ratchet and Clank the film. Finally a CGI animation film taken from CGI game! I’m surprised it’s taken so long to be honest. Theres so much potential for films based on these games and this way you wouldn’t upset any fans because you could simply base the graphics on the game.

In 2011, the genius team over at Activision came up with the money making machine that is Skylanders. A game in which you had to unlock certain items by using certain characters, and how do you get these items? You have the buy the figures. Why someone didn’t think of merging video games with toys before I don’t know, but I see this as the future of gaming for the next generation of kids. Skylanders created a whole new range of characters for these figures which was a great way of introducing the concept, however can you imagine as a kid having a pokemon figure that interacts with your game boy, could  you imagine how much that would of cost you, you would literally have to buy them all!

So when I saw this

I lost my shit. Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong all as collectable figures to used to play the amazing game that is Super Smash Bros! Now to me, that’s gaming. That’s fun. That’s what video games are supposed to be about. I’m hoping we see more of this in the future and we can make a move away from the hyper realistic war games and put thought back into fun gameplay. I will probably end up owning a wii-u (I have a gamecube currently) and that will be the first console I’ve bought in my adult life, and the most recent console I will of bought. Nintendo are pushing the boundaries at the moment, and are not afraid to stand alone. I just hope games such as Cuphead help Xbox and Playstation take steps in the same direction