8 Tips for backpacking with your macbook

So you are going backpacking are you are thinking about wether to take your macbook or not. I personally take mine because I freelance design as I go, however there are more general reasons you may want to take your macbook with you. It makes booking hostels easier, its a good way to back up photos and videos and you can also use it to watch documentaries whilst on long journeys or flights. Generally speaking you are very safe on your backpacking journey, but you may as well take the extra precautions. If you do decide to take your macbook with you, here a few tips that will help keep it safe whilst on your journey.

1. Enable find my mac tracking software

If your macbook goes missing you are going to want to increase the chances of getting it back as much as possible. One way to do this is to use mac tracking software or find my mac. You may of just left it on the train or you may of left it in a hostel and can’t remember – this software could possibly offer you the location of your mac – which is a great place to start!


Once you have signed in to find my mac you will see the following screen and be given the option to play a sound from your mac, lock your mac or erase your mac.

2. Use a case

This one may seem obvious, and it is. Look for the best case you can find, something lightweight and strong, ideally waterproof (incase of splash on those boat journeys) and if it is lockable, you’re onto a winner. Don’t scrimp on a case, your macbook will become priceless once your on the road.

I’d also suggest having some sort of insert to place between your keyboard and your screen. Sand and dirt will get between your screen and keyboard which can cause scratches on your laptop screen, or like in my case, burst pixels, which are very annoying and only fixable if you replace your screen.

3. Sticker-bomb your macbook


You may not be keen to do this but the general concept for this one is to make your macbook look as un-appealing as possible. The metallic aluminium unibody stands out like a sore thumb in some of these places and you don’t want to attract un-wanted attention. My tip would be to cover your macbook in stickers so it almost becomes unrecognisable from a distance. It may stop those pesky thieves from paying it too much attention. This will also give you something fun to do as you collect stickers and give you good memories if you collect stickers as you go!

4. Buy second hand

I always buy my mac products second hand. It means I can get them for almost half price every time and they have also lasted just as long as anybody else’s. The reason I mention this here is incase your macbook does go walkies, this way you will only be down £700 rather than £1300 because odds are, your insurance won’t cover your backpacking trip to Cambodia!

5. Service before you leave

Fixing a macbook can be tricky whilst your backpacking and if you don’t know to much about them yourself, finding someone who does will eat up your holiday time and be a tough find away from any city.

Service your macbook before you leave, fix any niggles or problems it may have. It will be getting thrown around on public shuttle busses, boats and small planes and sitting in the heat a lot. It’s best to make sure its in the best possible condition before you leave to avoid any damage whilst you are away.

6. Stay visual and be selective

Some hostels are amazing, safe and the people are friendly. Some may not appear so welcoming. Be selective where you use your macbook pro and stay visual for anybody who may look like they are up to something.

7. Use a locker


If there’s a locker, use it. Bring your own padlocks just to be safe too. I always store my macbook in the locker when I leave for the day and usually cover it in other things too. Your macbook isn’t something you want to be carrying around with you all day so this is the best option when it comes to leaving at the hostel.

8. Don’t worry

As long as you feel as though you have taken all necessary precautions to make sure your laptop is safe, you will be fine. Be sensible and odds are your laptop isn’t going anywhere. Don’t spend time worrying about wether it will be okay, make sure you enjoy your time backpacking.

Things I wish I brought with me.

This mesh backpack lock is great for any time you in a sketchy looking place that doesn’t have a locker and you can’t bring your laptop with you. I also lost a couple of pixels to sand so this screen protector would of saved me a screen.

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