Chiang Mai Cheap Eats

Forget Bangkok, for me Chiang Mai is where it’s at for the best food in Thailand. I stayed here for over a week whilst in Thialand, and plan on visiting again. You’re not going to struggle to find good food as there is a market almost everywhere you turn, the night bazaar being a favourite for many. However these are a few small places that you may miss and are worth seeking out!

UN Irish Pub Bakery


24-24/1, Ratwithi Road

This bakery is on the main road when you enter the east gate of the moat. Walk up the street that has Loco Elvis on one side and a Siam Commercial Bank on the other. Just walk up the street until you reach the first crossroads. Here you can pick from a selection of homemade breads or if you fancy something sweet, their cinnamon rolls are amazing! Next door there is an Irish pub that also includes breads, and pies from the bakery. Very well priced considering the quality. Costs 10-30baht

Da’s Home Bakery

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11/4 Soi6 Moon muang Rd

This is the best bakery I have come across, not only in my whole trip, but maybe ever. The prices are so good for what you get. Da’s has a selection of vegan, sugar free, homemade baked goods and also offer a full menu of delicious eats. The mango bread they sell here for 30 baht is the softest and most moist I’ve ever had, it’s amazing. Also try things such as cinnamon and cashew cookies, 60 baht a pack. Goji berry, orange and pumpkin seed Biscotti. Coconut cookies, mango cookies, ginger cookies, chia seed cookies….you get the idea. Costs 10-50baht

Cowgirls Pork Leg & Rice

Chang Phueak night market.

A small street food store, usually with a cue of people waiting to be served by the thai woman wearing a cowboy hat. It appears from 6pm at Chang Phueak, the north gate in Chiang Mai.Here you can have slow cooked pork leg served over rice with gravy and pickled greens (Kha Moo Chang Phueak). It’s said to be the most tender pork in the whole of Thailand. Costing no more than 50baht for a large portion, this is a must visit whilst you are in Chiang Mai. It’s on the main road and look for the woman in a cowboy hat. Costs 30-50baht

May Kaiden’s Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant


29/4 Chang Moi Kao Road, Muang

Surprisingly cheap considering how good this food is. The menu is a selection of thai dishes usually with an original vegetarian spin on them. All the recipes are original and created by May Kaiden herself. I had the massaman curry here and it was insanely good. Also the pumpkin hummus with sesame toast may be my favourite dish from Thailand. Dishes are around 50/60 baht on average so just as cheap as anywhere else you will eat, however these dishes are created by a great chef. They also offer cooking lessons with all May’s original recipes. Costs 20-60baht

Mountain Coffee


20160916_1333036 Rajvithi Road, Lane 2

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but on occasion when I find somewhere special, or someone goes through extra effort to make a great coffee, I will try one. This is one of those places. Mountain coffee sells fresh roasted coffee roasted on sight. They source their coffee from the mountains of Doy Luang, Chiang Dao. It only has around four tables and nothing on the menu is over 60 baht. Cost 20-60baht

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