Didn’t make the cut pt.1

With the launch of any new portfolio site you have to be selective what what you can show. I don’t like to have too many projects and I have to decide which projects are relevant, which are too  old and which I want to show. The following is a collection of those projects that just didn’t quite make the cut.

1. Poolga

This is my third contribution to the iPhone / desktop wallpaper site, Poolga. Celebration the long life of the mysterious Yeti. I enjoyed making this illustration and wanted to show the Yeti as the friendly creature he truly is. You can download this and my other two Poolga wallpapers here. Be sure to check out all the other awesome desktop wallpapers Poolga have to offer.



The Skinny Magazine Editorial

This is an editorial for the Clubbing Highlights section of The Skinny magazine. I was asked to capture the feel and atmosphere of a night club. There were two illustrations for this project. One with a more literal approach, then an abstract approach to be used for a smaller section in the magazine. I always liked this illustration but sadly its now nearly three years old so didn’t quite make the cut. If you want to see these in higher resolution I’ve left it on Behance


Film House

I was approached by Leeds City Council to submit a logo proposal that would compete against small, local workshop related activities and position The Film House as peer to Legoland and Alton Towers. I was asked to creative an identity that was bright, fun and welcoming, easy-to-read, adaptable and most importantly, to pack a punch. The client requested that the logo was produced to work in a range of settings. With a target age range of 3-12, the client asked the designs to appeal to 8-year-olds as an average. One large request was that the logo incorporates architectural elements of Leeds Town Hall’s distinctive design, and enables the embedding of different film characters in its design at different times by the Leeds Film team.   My proposal was bright, colourful, and uses basic shapes to appeal to the younger end of the audience. However, the simple, clean text is designed to appeal to an older child who may not want to attend an event that is, in their eyes, “too childish.” The logo was also designed to appeal to the adults as ultimately they are the ones who make the decision wether to attend the event. I took an abstract approach to including the shapes of the town hall into the logo, with intent to push those shapes out to create an identity for the whole event.




RWD Magazine

I was asked by RWD Magazine to create a series of illustrations for am article on events past in summer 2012. RWD magazine is a British based life style magazine distributed both online and in JD and Size? Stores. Layout design by RWD magazine. These are even older than the last editorials, they’re actually some of the first ones I ever did in 2012. Sadly they didn’t make the cut, so they live here now!




There are a few more projects that didn’t make the cut that I will be adding to a blog at a later a day. But for now, upwards and onwards, look at my new work!