Krabi Night Market

If you’re in the south of Thailand or arriving from land in Malaysia, It’s very likely that Krabi is going to be one of your first stops. You basically have two options on places to stay here. Krabi town or the beach of Ao Nang. Ao Nang is very touristy and almost stripped of anything Thai at all, however the beaches around here are beautiful so it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area. However if you are just passing through odds are you will be staying in Krabi Town, and one of the main attractions in Krabi Town is the weekend night market

Krabi was my first stop after 6 weeks in Malaysia so the food was very different. Here are a few things you should try whilst at Krabi Weekend Night market for first timers to Thai street food.

Sour Sausage.


As soon as you arrive at the market you will notice an abundance of sausages on sticks. There are a few different types and you may as well try them all for 20 baht a piece, however one my favourites was the sour sausage (Naem or jin som) taken from the northern provinces of Thailand.   The sausage has a sour flavour with garlic and chilli and is very delicious. It is the one that looks the least sausage like from all on offer.

Pad Thai Omelette.


Pad Thai is a staple for most whilst in Thailand and there is lots of it on offer everywhere you go. However a bit of a strange spin on it (which I imagine has been developed from tourism) is the Pad Thai omelette. It’s basically Pad Thai wrapped in an omelette. Not too sure why. However the pad thai here is really delicious and might be the best in the market. Served with fresh peanuts, spring onions and crunchy beansprouts. Costing 50 baht it’s a really good portion for the price.

Stir Fried Ice-cream.

Known as stir fried ice cream this may be my favourite snack from Thailand. It’s basically freshly made ice cream made in a few minutes right before your eyes. Made from milk with ice on a huge cold plate, and frantically stirred by the maker as your chosen flavours are added. Chose from strawberry, Oreo, banana and many more and toppings of whipped cream and caramel sauce. Only costing around 50 baht depending on your toppings. A must try whilst at the night market.

Lemon Fruit Shake.20160904_192936

If you’ve been in Thailand for a while you’ll be used to fruit shakes by now. However, if this is your first stop in Thailand, you’re in for a treat. Across Thailand you will find many stalls offering fruit shakes. Basically a combination of fruit, blended with ice, sort of like a slurpee, but nicer. My favourite from the Krabi night market was the lemon shake (20 baht) A flavour that isn’t as common across the rest of Thailand. A very tasty beverage to wash down any meal.

Deep Fried Quails Eggs Wontons.


A semi-common street food in Thailand. Deep crispy wontons with a tiny quails egg nestled inside. The great combination from the crispy wonton batter and a soft warm egg makes for a great walking snack as you decide on your main meal. Served with the delicious chilli honey sauce.

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