Must Eat Places – Gili Air, Bali

So you’ve reach Gili Air and are decided where to eat. All along the east coast you have passed the charcoal BBQs of kebabs, fresh fish and lobster, or the small warungs selling Nasi Goreng across the island. Your budget will decide where you eat, but there a few places I would recommend treating yourself whilst on the island.


From the harbour head north up the small street where you will see the cooking class shop. A few hundred metres up that road, just by Ice Guesthouse, you will a building that stands out from the crowd on your right hand side. Made up of around 50-100 glass windows, brushed matt black paint and white brick walls is Breadalicious.

Breadlicious is a homemade french style bakery selling a range of baked goods. Chose from their brownies, carrot cakes, muffins or try some of their scooperific ice cream on top of a freshly made nutella crepe.

However the stand out here for me is the range of homemade baguettes. Chose from wholemeal, sourdough, cereal bread and more ranging for only 25k – 30k IDR But don’t stop there for only 50k you can fill these baguettes with feta cheese, mozzarella, german sausage, bacon, tomato, cucumber, salad and mayonnaise. A must visit on the island and a really original eatery compared to the rest.



You will soon realise that Gili Air loves it’s gelato, with stalls all across the island. However one stand out is on the north east of the island, scooperific. The only gelato shop that I believe makes their own on the island (although many claim to) It’s quite a walk from the harbor and almost at the top of the island, pass Bambu Cottages and don’t go past Youpy Cafe.

Scooperific have a range of gelato flavours, waffles, crepes and homemade brownies.

I would personally recommend the pisaticio gelato and the cinnamon gelato, great combo. Easily the best gelato on the island with a few franchises noticeable elsewhere too.



I may of saved the best til last as this is a spot we visited twice in our 5 day stay on the island. (by the way we stayed at Kenpang Hotel who have a delicious breakfast buffet)

Mowies feels like an austallian health food restaurant and serves a whole array of breakfast dishes (eggs benedict, hummus toast), boost smoothies, vegan and gluten free raw desserts (cocoa cheesecake) and great drinks (homemade almond milk, fresh juice)

However it’s their dinner menu that we kept coming back for. At Mowies you can sit and watch the sunset at the best part of the west coast beach, and once the sunsets if you lay on the beanbags and look up at the stars, we saw many shooting stars here.

Our first visit I had on of their homemade pizzas stone baked on a rye bread with mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce and basil and my missus had a organic quinoa salad with watermelon, mint, red peppers, cashews, rocket and hoisin sauce.

On the second visit I had the signature Tuna Burger, and it was out of this world good. A tuna patty with locally sourced tuna, bamboo and charcoal black sesame bun, organic rocket, pickled ginger and wasabi mayo, asian slaw and homemade chips, with a mayo dip and a cheekily asked for a hummus dip too.

My missus then had the summer chickpeas which was cooked chickpeas, red chilli, organic tomato and cucumber, onions, fresh mint, coriander, feta cheese and a lime dressing.

The portion sizes here are good and prices range from around 50k for salad, 40-60k for a pizza and the mains are 65-75k for tuna burger, crispy snapper, butterfish filet and so on.

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