New Music #1

My favourite thing is probably music. It is often I’m not listening to music (unless I have a podcast on) and I spend hours looking and searching for music I haven’t heard. Every month I put together a little new music playlist of my best finds for that month. It’s not necessarily new music, it’s just music I haven’t heard before and I have liked. There is a usually a good mix in there, or sometimes it ends up having a general vibe to it, depending on how I’ve felt that month or where I’ve been.

I spend time with friends constantly listening to music, sharing finds and music that suits the occasion. Since I have been doing this anyway for myself I figured I may as well share the playlists publicly. Designers especially are often looking for new music as they spend so much time sat at their desks or in studios. It’s good to keep things fresh and hopefully I show you something you like.

I have three playlists already made up so I will do a quick blog on the most recent one and include links to the other two that are a little bit older at the end. Hopefully you enjoy and if you have anything you want to share back send me a tweet or share me a link. Enjoy!

Here’s the first playlist, below I’ve pulled out a few of my favourites from this and included a video for each one (alternative versions where possible), which I will do each month.

Autumn In New York – Billie Holiday. 

Billie Holiday is a name I hear a lot and is often mention  with the greats of her time. I’ve brushed past her music in the past but this song sat with me almost immediately. Really enjoyable on a lazy sunday morning or at dusk with a sunset.

Lay Down – Son Liittle. 

I know nothing about this artist I just stumbled across this song randomly flicking through singer song writers. This song has been perfect for my travelling through Asia, a great song for the beach and one that will be stuck in your head for a while

This Goes On – Mont Jake 

I’ve recently come to really like Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow since they are both on the verge of releasing new albums. It’s a sound I really like and I wasn’t overly a fan of their older albums, which I’m not revisiting. But this more electronic sound, almost autotuned high pitch singing is very up my street. Mont Jake fits perfectly into this and I really like how this song builds and drops into a very catchy chorus. I wasn’t as keen on his other songs from the EP as they weren’t quite as melodic, but I’m a big fan of this song.

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