New Music #2

So I created one of these blog posts a couple months ago. Every month or so I work on a playlist where I collect the songs I’ve enjoyed the most over that time. It’s not always just new music, very often it’s just something I haven’t heard before, or something I want to listen to regularly at that time. For designs it can be hard to bother to find new music to listen to or the studio can get a bit repetitive when everyone is busy so hopefully this playlist can be of use to you!

Here’s the playlist, below I’ve pulled out a few of my favourites from this and included a video for each one

Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama

I usually check new music releases on Spotify every Monday and ever Friday. I was drawn to this because of the artwork more than anything. I’ve listened to Childish Gambino in the past but I think for a lot of people he’s surprised them with a truly original album which is unlike any of his previous work. If you haven’t already listened this song summarises the album very well and it’s a huge stand out for this month.

Kid Cudi – Surfin’

I’ve always been a big fan of Kid Cudi. He’s had a very interesting string of album and I find himself trying to find his sound, growing more and more with every album. I had just gotten back into Kid Cudi after listening to an old episode of Joe Rogan. It was shortly after this he had a bit of a breakdown with some harsh words against Kanye West and shortly after checked into rehab. I know this song won’t be a lot of peoples cup of tea but it released just as he left rehab and I think it really captured what appeared to be his attitude at this time.

Disclosure – Feel Like I Do

I don’t really like Disclosure and was drawn to this due to the ‘featuring Al Green’ that is attached to the name. It’s part of a 3 track single release and very different to the other two tracks on the album. The song has come in real handy biking around in the sunshine recently.

George Harrison – Awaiting OnYou All

I’m massively into the Beatles and have been since I was a child. I’ve listened to a lot of Paul Mcartney Albums and John Lennon albums too. For some reason I’ve always skipped over George Harrison. I’ve heard a few songs, and I’m very aware that he has good songs waiting to be heard but I never seem to get around to it. I stumbled across this song somehow and it’s opened the door to George Harrison for me.

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