Old Work Graveyard Part 3

This one is a bit of a sad one for me. Theres a lot of work here that I really love and have enjoyed doing. Sadly it’s time to go as there are going to be lots of new projects added in December, just waiting to be photographed. Anyone reading one of these for the first time, this is basically the place where I put projects that have to be taken off the website in order to make space for the new ones. I feel bad deleting the projects around Christmas time, it’s a similar feeling to when you see a lost teddy bear or if you don’t use a certain cup enough at home.

Here we go:

James Taylor Quartet

At the time this was one of my favourite pieces I had done illustration wise. It’s a concept I had in my head for years and something I’d played around with for along time but didn’t have the knowledge or skill to be able to execute it as I wanted to. Luckily the time came for me to be able to put this work out there and for action.

Mo’ Honey Mo’ Problems

It’s a pun. Pun’s are funny right? I’m basically happy to give this to anyone who wants to use it. I really wanted it to be printed on t-shirts and it never really got taken that far. Someone must be interested, who doesn’t like bees, hiphop and bears! I enjoyed making this so much and it’s been receive really well across social media, just a shame it never got used for what I wanted it to.


This was one from about two years ago and I’ve never really wanted to take it down. It was something that really pushed my illustration style to where it is now. There are so many things in there that I can see are put together badly and I’ve learnt a lot since this illustration, however this was the illustration that helped me get to where I wanted to go with my work. I remember walking one day and stumbling across a pallet of these on the front cover of a magazine, it was the first time I’d really seen my work produced on such a big scale.

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