Dark Woods Coffee

Dark Woods Coffee is an independent speciality coffee roasters. Dark Woods wanted a brand that would be inclusive rather than exclusive. Roasting coffee that would be loved by the coffee specialist, but also appreciated by the general public, advising and supporting them through some of coffee’s more challenging flavours and brewing techniques.

I was asked to create a new brand identity for the company along with the packaging design and concepts for their first six roasts, website design and development, and stationary. Dark Woods wanted this brand to reflect the location of their Yorkshire countryside mill. I reflected this with the use of subtle contour patterns and trees throughout the brand.

With the packaging I created a design template that would be easy to continue throughout the whole range. The concept was to create a swing tag that would hold a large amount of information but displayed in a friendly and easy to digest way. The bottom card includes all information about the roast including origin, species, roast profile, altitude, process and also a brewing guide which is important to a coffee specialist. Howeevr the majority of this information is temporarily hidden under a swing card which allows the packaging to only show the more basic information aimed at the general public. This way the packaging is not overloading the everyday customer but still offers all relevant information for the specialist.


We also created a website that would be able to showcase Dark Woods Products, Blog Posts and expert advice. Check out the Dark Woods website to purchase their products or visit their mill.