The temples of Yogyakarta

So as I mentioned in my last blog I am currently travelling the south east of Asia travelling and working at the same time.
I landed in Indonesia on wednesday in Jakarta and stayed there for two days. Jakarta is a crazy place, the most congested in the world apparently, its absolute chaos. I got out of their as soon as possible and made by way to Yogyakarta.
Yogyakarta is home to two large temple complexes, Borobudur and Prambanan. I stayed there for three days at Lauras backpacking hostel whilst making sunrise trips to both temples.
I want to show some love to Lauras backpacker hostel, as Laura was a truly amazing host. She cooked free food for us daily and each dish was crazy delicious. Anyone visiting the temples, I recommend you stay here.

I walked into town at 5am to take the 1A bus from Maliboro street (the main market street in Yogyakarta) and took the half hour bus ride to the temple. After a short walk you enter the temple, and I was one of only around 5 people at the whole complex. I did two real quick gopro edits below, I plan on taking time on some of the others in the future but just these are my first two so just wanted to try it out

Prambanan is a 9th century Hindu temple dedicated to Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator, Vishnu the preserver, and shove the destroyer. Both temples are UNESCO world heritage sites with Prambanan been the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and Bodoburu the largest Buddhist temple in the world. .



Borobudur is another 9th century temple consisting of nine stacked platforms. Decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 500 buddha statues. To get here we hired a guide to pick us up and take us on the hour long drive at 4am to the complex. This complex is one of Indonesias main attractions so it is a little bit busier than Prambanan.


However the views are out of this world. Once again we got here just around sunrise and the views of the mountains around are maybe even more impressive than the 9th century temple. The temple is located in-between two twin volcanos Sunder Sumbing and Merbab Merapi.

I am currently making my way for a 3 day stay and trek to Mount Bromo an active volcano just outside of Malang. I will be uploading lots of video from there too.