Top Eats in Georgetown, Penang

If your in Georgetown there is no doubt your looking to indulge in some great food. Here are some really great cheap eats and street food you can easily find during your visit. Georgetown has a range of food and you can pretty much find great food anywhere, but some places stand out from the crowd. The cultures here are split and places such as Little India and Chinatown offer very different dishes and there are a couple of great streets full of vendors. You should be able to pick up a food map from a hostel or tourist info but if you don’t here are my tips.

Banana Leaf – Krsna Restraunt
No. 60, Market Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang


One of the best things I during my two visits to George Town was the vegetarian banana leaf platter. If you’ve been travelling about Malaysia you will of no doubt seen pictures of this but George Town is the place to finally try one, they are very delicious and great value for money (usually costing no more than 10RM)

I had a few of these whilst visiting but the best was at a restaurant called Krsna in Little India. The banana leaf platter consists of white rice served on a banana leaf. You then given three/four different vegetarian curries, a popadom, cool yogurt coleslaw and a bown of dahl to have with the rice, oh yeah, and it’s all served on top of a banana leaf. You can add anything else you may want to the meal chosing form the Nasi Kandir buffet at the front including samosas, roti and maybe some meat if you feel like it.

The banana leaf is a great way to sample some of the amazing flavours of the India food you can find across Malaysia without having to commit to one dish or be confused by the Nasi Kandir buffet. (Nasi Kandir is the silver tray buffets you will see on every corner in Malaysia)

Also whilst your in Little India seek out a chicken Murtabak. Murtaback are a great sneak or side dish to go along with your main meal. Often found at Nasi Kandir restaurants, street food vendors or tandoori houses. Murtabak is a Saudi Arabian dish that takes a roti pancake, fills it with a mix of egg, onion, cabbage, chicken and a wonderful mixture of curry spices and fries it on the grill. It’s sort of like an omelette rapped in a thin savoury pancake. A must try and usually around 6-7RM

Yeap Noodles
227, Chulia Street, 10200, Penang, Malaysia


Name after the family who own the company The Yeaps started hand making making in house noodles from scratch around ten years ago. Here you have a whole range of noodles infused with different flavours including famous spicy yeap noodles, spinach noodles, turmeric noodles, the list goes on.


Theres a whole range of dishes here and nothing ranges over 10RM. The soups are very large portion wise and come with a large amount of vegetables. The menu is colour coded (this is easy to miss) on the left of the menu you will see the list of types of noodles and then underneath each dish you will the corresponding colour. I ate here a couple of times during my stay and would recommend the classic yeap noodles with minced pork and the spinach yeap noodle soup.


Whilst you are on Chulia street you will be surrounded by many street vendors. There are a few other items I would recommend if you still have room. The first of which would be a popiah.A popiah is a fresh spring roll made from a thin pager like pancake stuffed with stuffed with bean sprouts, fresh beans, lettuce, chopped nuts, fried shallots and shredded omelette.


Also come back to Chulia Street for your next meal and try Wantan Mee. A steamed pork wanton, with sliced pork, veg and noodles. You can order this dry or with a soup and it’s delicious.


Air Itam Chicken & Beansprouts
couldn’t find address but in Ayer Itam area

Another place that is worth visiting is. Hainaese chicken is popular across Malaysia however aside from the meal I had in Ipod (famous for it’s huge beansprouts) this was the best I had in Malaysia. Chicken and rice is exactly what it says it is. The chicken is poached with garlic and ginger and a light soy sauce. It is served with plain rice, soy and chilli condiment, a plate of soy beansprouts and a cabbage and stock soup. The great thing about the chicken here is that it is chopped up and the bones are removed making it much easier to enjoy and the portion size greater.

Cronuts and Churros at The Alley

5, Stewart Lane George Town 10200


A small coffee shop tucked away down an alley, as the name suggests, and although these guys make amazing coffee, it’s their desserts than will bring you back time and time again.

If you’ve never had a cronut before, now’s your chance. A cronut is a mixture of a donut and a croissant, need I say more? Pick your toppings including salted caramel and nutella, They also have just released a new cronut – The Camo Cronut (August 2016) which is a combination of Pure Uji Matcha, Dark Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Sauce. Keep an eye out for future specials too.

They also sell Churros. Delicious fried donut mixture covered in powdered sugar which you can dip into salted caramel or chocolate. Both desserts are very cheap and very enjoyable along side your coffee.

If you’re stuffed to the brim now and ready to hit the hay, nip next door. Here there is a very cheap shop for buying beers and spirits.


Locals sit here on the plastic chairs and share drinks with travellers until closing time. A great place to pick up a few beers and take back the hostel or sit and enjoy the cool dusk weather.

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