Topless Trump

It’s pretty hard not to stare and marvel at the phenomenon that is the American Election 2016. I think it was only a matter of time before a reality T.V. star stepped in and ran for president. However, I always presumed it would be someone positive, and not someone like Donald Trump.

I think this time around the internet has really caused the election to spiral out of control. It’s a bit like a stream of comments on a youtube video rather than a race to elect a leader of a country. America finds it hard not to see itself as the centre of the universe. It often forgets there are other countries that have great healthcare, education, workers rights, fair pay, and so on so on.

To some people Donald Trump is a good laugh. You will probably hear people saying they want him to win just for funnies, or because it’s what ‘they’ deserve. However if Donald Trump was to win the election, and I don’t think he will, it would be a huge problem for many of us outside of the U.K.

I think it’s important to make Donald Trump look silly. He’s clearly and idiot. He has stumbled into an characature of a business man. He’s taken advantage of many people, lost a lot of money in business deals, avoided paying millions in tax, he is corrupt, he is racist and he also has a very silly face.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a series of Trump illustrations showing him eating his favourite foods. No real reason, I just thought it would be funny. Oh yeah, and he’s topless. Don’t forget to use the #loserdonald hashtag whenever talking about him.

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