Vintage Clothes in Chiang Mai

Vintage Clothes Warehouse Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a change of pace for anyone who has visited the south of Thailand. It’s much cooler here and everyone seems a little bt more laid back. There are a large selection of markets both during the day and the night and you can read my blog about some of the top eats in Chiang Mai here.20160914_142642


In between your Elephant sanctuary visit or your Thai cooking class you will find yourself wondering around the moat and walls of old Chaing Mai town. One of the things you may notice that there is a good selection of vintage clothes shops spread across town. You may be tempted like myself by something you can’t find anywhere else and may be bored of the same 5 items of clothes you been rotating for the last few months. The prices in the shops are fair and still cheap in comparison to vintage shops cross Europe, US, or Australia. However during my stay at Chiang Mai I stumbled across something special, know as The Clothes Dump.

The Clothes Dump really isn’t an apt name for this place, as the selection of clothes you can find here is really amazing. A warehouse full of vintage clothing so cheap you won’t be able to resit. A huge selection of Denim, sportswear from NFL, NBA, t-shirts, shorts, caps, you name it they have it and it is very, very cheap. T-shirts were 5 for 100 baht, sportswear was 3 items for 100 baht, caps where 25 baht. I came away with 5 awesome t-shirts, a NBA Boston Celtics jersey, A dri-fit t-shirt, a Rams jersey and a Berghaus cap all for only 250 baht.


It’s open daily and is around a 30 minute walk from Chiang Mai Gate, you could take a taxi here but I aren’t sure if they will know exactly where it is. There were only around 5 people including ourselves there at the time, all local Thais.


Here’s how you get there. From Chiang Mai gate, where the Chaing Mai Gate market is held, head out from the moat along a road called Suriyawong. From the moat you will know you’re on the right road as you will pass the string of the following shops; Harrads; New Delhi; Bombay; Ciccia’s House. Keep going straight along this road for around twenty five minutes. Pass Wat Thatkam and keep going till you pass over a small river. Once you pass over the river the street will be the first right turning you reach along Vieng Ping Road. The clothes dump is on your left hand side, there is no recognisable sign so just keep your eye out whilst walking down this street till you see the long rails of clothing.

I added the place to and hopefully its visible for everyone. If not the coordinates are 18.77101, 98.989025. Enjoy and share your experience in the comments below if you manage to find it!

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